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January 2020http://calvaryandzionumc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Marks-of-D-January.pdf



November 2019


October 2019 Marks of Discipleship http://calvaryandzionumc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/October-marks-of-d-2019.pdf

Marks of Disciple September 2019


Marks of Disciple August 2019



Marks of Disciple June 2019http://calvaryandzionumc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Marks-of-Disiple-June.pdf

Marks of Disciple May 2019Marks of Disciple May 2019

Marks of Discipleship March 2019Marks of Discipleship March 2019

Marks of Discipleship February 2019Marks of Discipleship February 2019

Marks of Discipleship January 2019Marks of Discipleship January 2019

Advent Study and Prayer Guide Week FourAdvent Study and Prayer Guide Week Four

Advent Study and Prayer Guide Week ThreeAdvent Study and Prayer Guide Week Three

Advent Study and Prayer Guide Week TwoAdvent Study and Prayer Guide Week Two

Advent Study and Prayer Guide Week OneAdvent Study and Prayer Guide Week One

Marks of Discipleship Dec 2018Marks of Discipleship December 2018

Marks of Discipleship November 2018Marks of Discipleship November 2018

Marks of Discipleship October 2018Marks of Discipleship October 2018

Marks of Discipleship September 2018Marks of Discipleship September 2018

Marks of Discipleship Aug 2018Marks of Discipleship August 2018

Marks of Discipleship July 2018Marks of Discipleship July 2018

Marks of Discipleship June 2018Marks of Discipleship June 2018

Marks of Discipleship May 2018Marks of Discipleship May 2018